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Shopping for gifts for men in Farmington NM can be a real challenge. Many men just buy the toys, gadgets, and hardware they want for themselves. Other men genuinely don’t want much. What gift do you get for a man like that?

Well, sometimes the best gift for a man like that is something he would never even think to buy for himself, but is still something he’ll carry and use for years to come.

With that, here are some gifts for men to get your wheels spinning:

Gifts For Men #1: Hand-Crafted Pocket Knives

One of the most popular gifts for men in Farmington NM is a hand-crafted William Henry pocket knife. These are are both stunning and durable enough for everyday use. This is something he’ll grab off the dresser and put in his pocket every day along with his keys and phone.

image of pocket knives gifts for men in Farmington NM

These knives are made with state-of-the-art metal alloys that are both visually striking and razor sharp. They’re made with precious stones, and interesting materials like pine cone, fossilized bone, and hand-laid gold.

If you’re looking for gifts for men in Farmington NM, come to Garcia & Co. Jewelers and check out William Henry knives.

Gifts For Men #2: Alternative Wedding Bands

Here in the Four Corners, many men work with their hands or at least enjoy outdoor activities. And sometimes a traditional, precious metal wedding band isn’t the right choice.

If the man you’re shopping for is active, consider giving him an alternative metal wedding band made of materials like tungsten. These materials are tough enough to stand up to whatever he throws at it in his daily life.

image of alternative wedding band gifts for men

You can take this one step further. If the man you’re buying for is in a high-intensity line of work (like law enforcement, fire fighting, or emergency medial response), think about giving him a silicon wedding band. These are flexible, lightweight, alternatives to rigid wedding bands that are safe for wear on the job.

image of silicon wedding band gifts for men

When shopping for gifts for men in the Four Corner area, consider giving him a fresh wedding band, which are available here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington NM.

Gifts For Men #3: Jewelry (Yes, Jewelry)

Jewelry is often not even on the list of things many men say they want. Yet men do wear jewelry. He wears a ring that symbolizes his marriage. He wears a cross around his neck to symbolize his faith.

image of cross necklace gifts for men

And jewelry can be a great gift for a man… So long as it’s a good fit for who he is. Buying jewelry for a man is something that takes real thought. But if you give him the right piece of jewelry, it’s something he’ll wear for decades (literally).

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we have a selection of men’s jewelry that will allow you to find a piece of jewelry that fits the man you’re shopping for.

Gifts For Men #4: Watches

This one needs very little explanation. As a general rule, guys like watches. Where jewelry is highly personal and not a good fit for all men, watches are universal. Give a man a watch, he wears it, and within minutes of going out or getting to work: “Hey, nice watch.”

Having said that, do some thinking before you buy for him. Does he need a sport watch that fits what he does for fun? Does he need a high-end dress watch that will accent a suit for work? Does he have big wrists and need a larger watch face size? Does he want something with bright colors, or something more understated?

Would he prefer an inexpensive watch made of plastic or alternative materials, or would he love to finally get that Rolex?

Gifts For Men In Farmington NM: Wrap Up

Yes, shopping for gifts for men can be a challenge. But here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers we give you lots of options. If you’re looking for that perfect, personalized gift for him, come see us. We can help you find just what you’re looking for!

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