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If it's been a while since you've shopped at Garcia & Co. Jewelers ("The Four Corners' Engagement Ring Store"), or you're shopping for an engagement ring for the very first time, there are a few things you need to know about some exciting changes to our engagement ring department.

Overall, we want you to know that we understand that your love is unique, the bond between you and your beloved is unique, and the way you shop for your engagement ring is unique. So we've expanded (and are experimenting with) our engagement ring department to reflect this.

different kinds of engagement rings in Farmington NM

So if you're shopping for an engagement ring in Farmington NM, here are the different ways we can help you here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers:

1. The "Propose Now, Shop Later" Engagement Ring

We just launched this and you can check out it out here:

The "Propose Now, Shop Later" Engagement Ring

cheap engagement ring in Farmington NM

Literally the day after we launched this a guy came in, we showed him some options, but he felt unsure. He was worried about buying something she wouldn't love, but he also wanted to surprise her with the proposal.

That's exactly who this ring is for. It works like this:

The ring is a beautiful silver and cubic zirconia engagement ring that looks the part. It is a "real ring," but it's made of silver and the stone isn't a real diamond.

It costs $250 (plus tax).

You can buy this ring and do the surprise proposal the way you want to. After she says YES, you can come back with your fiancé and the ring (in new condition), and we'll credit the full $250 toward your real engagement ring purchase.

This is an awesome way to have it both ways. You get to pop the question in a romantic, surprising way, and she gets to be a part of the ring buying process, guaranteeing she really gets the ring she wants.

2. The "Choose Your Diamond, Choose Your Setting" Engagement Ring

This is the way we've sold engagement rings for decades, and there's good reason for it. See, when most people are shopping for an engagement for the first time, they tend to think of the "engagement ring" as one complete thing. A ring.

Makes sense.

But buying a complete "ready made" ring, like many stores sell, is not the best way to get the most for your money.

If you think of the diamond and the ring (or setting) as two separate things, it allows you to have some control in exactly what you're getting in your engagement ring.

For example: If you love yellow gold rings, you can actually save money on your diamond by selecting a diamond with a slightly lower color grade.

Lower color grade means slightly more yellow, but you won't notice the yellow tinge when it's set against the yellow gold. To the naked eye, the diamond will look clean, white, and beautiful.

yellow gold solitaire engagement ring in Farmington NM

You can then use the money you save by choosing a lower color grade to get a higher clarity, better cut, or larger diamond, or simply spend more on the ring itself.

This is the kind of professional knowledge and guidance you'll get at Garcia & Co. Jewelers. We don't just sell you a ring. We listen to your needs and wants and help you find the engagement ring that's truly right for you.

This is a very popular approach to engagement ring buying because it gives you some control and small customization opportunities. Sometimes we call it "custom lite."

3. The "Ready-To-Go" Engagement Ring

I know. I just knocked "ready made" rings, and now I'm putting them on the list. But the "ready made" rings you'll find here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers are different. Here's why:

First, most "ready made" engagement rings you'll find in jewelry stores are part of a mass produced inventory plan. Lower quality diamonds are bought in bulk, put into identical rings, and sent to chain stores in malls and shopping centers all over the country.

Here at Garcia & Co., every diamond is hand selected by the owner for maximum quality, beauty, sparkle, and value. The diamond is then typically set into a timeless solitaire setting to showcase the diamond's beauty and remove the worry of it being a ring style she won't like.

Diamond solitaires look good on every woman's hand.

white gold solitaire engagement ring in Farmington NM

Second, when many chain stores sell you a "ready to go" ring, they're not really "ready to go."

Because they don't mention sizing.

They don't tell you that it can take weeks to ship your ring back and forth from their service centers.

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we have an in-house master bench jeweler who can size the ring if you know her size, or size it fast after you propose and she says YES.

So, yes, we have beautiful engagement rings that are "ready to go." But what you get is more beauty, more value, and the after-purchase service support that you want.

These engagement rings are great for the woman who wants something beautiful, simple, and classic. They're also great for the guy who doesn't want to risk buying her a style she might not like, but wants to propose with a real ring (real diamonds, real gold).

4. The "Custom Design" Engagement Ring

We also have full, "from scratch" custom design. If you know what you want, but you just can't seem to find the ring of your dreams in any store... Maybe it hasn't been created yet!

Using our state-of-the-art design studio, we can help you bring your engagement ring to life.

Bring us your vision and we'll help you make it a reality.

Still Have Questions About Engagement Rings?

Maybe the most important thing we offer when it comes to helping you find the right engagement ring is education.

Our customers tell us all the time that what they love about shopping here is that they didn't feel pressured, and they left our store feeling more confident and educated than when they came in.

If all you want is to have some questions answered at this point with no sales pressure, we are here for that too:


Again, we're not just trying to sell you a ring. We want to make sure you're getting the right ring for you, for the right budget, and that you understand and feel good about the purchase after it's over.

And we want to be your jeweler even after your purchase is made. Your engagement ring is likely the most important jewelry purchase you'll ever make, so we're here to help you care for your ring long after you propose.

That's why we offer in-house cleaning and repair services, appraisal services, and even specialized jewelry insurance to protect your ring from loss or damage.

If you're ready to buy an engagement ring, come to Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington NM

From no-pressure education, to zero percent interest financing, to ongoing service after your purchase is made, we are here to serve you.

And we hope you'll call us your engagement ring store.



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