Why Choose Garcia & Co. Jewelers?

A Farmington, NM Jeweler That Fits You and Your Unique Needs

Hey there,

So you’ve found your way to our about page. That can only mean one thing:

You’re looking for a jeweler in Farmington, NM who you can trust with the amazing life moments that jewelry represents.

Celebrating a major anniversary is crucial.

Getting engaged is a HUGE deal.

Treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry is one of life’s great joys.

We get all that.

So not only do we sell the finest quality jewelry around (more on that below), but we never, ever take you or your special life moments for granted.

You’d think we’d get tired of selling “one more” engagement ring.

We really, really don’t.

Deep down in my bones, I honestly believe that every day, every gift, every special occasion, and every customer is new and miraculous.

So that’s how we’re going to treat when you shop here.

We’re a local, Farmington, NM family business that’s going to treat you like family.

Okay, so that’s the first thing.

Next, you probably want to know about our jewelry.

I (Mark Garcia, owner) have been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. I’m a Gemological Institute of America Graduate Gemologist and our store is American Gem Society certified.

If that’s all gibberish to you, don’t sweat it. Those are the two most prestigious education and consumer protection agencies in America.


But, to me, that’s the bare-bones minimum a store can offer. That we know what we’re doing, and that you can trust us, are just boring “resume” credentials.

Here’s where things get juicy:

We’re located in a small town. That means if we want to truly offer you the best diamonds and jewelry in the world, we have to go out and get it.

We have to hustle.

And that’s exactly what we do.

See, many jewelry stores simply order things from a handful of suppliers (blind, without seeing them in person first). Then they put that stuff in the showcase and try to sell it.

To me, that’s bonkers.

And that’s why we travel around the country every year to hand-select every piece of jewelry that goes into our showcases.


Nothing enters our showcases without first passing through a rigorous examination.

We even travel all the way to Antwerp, Belgium (the diamond capital of the world) to hand-select diamonds for our inventory and for some of our great customers.

You can read more about that HERE.

We have partners all over the world, from Canada to Belgium to Israel.

We hand-pick that jewelry to not only be gorgeous and unforgettable, but to be a great value for you.

If it’s beautiful, but too expensive, we don’t put it in the showcase.

So, yeah.

We work really hard to offer jewelry in Farmington, NM that you won’t find anywhere else.

Well, that’s the second thing.

And I guess the last thing you’ll want to know is:

What happens AFTER you buy a piece of jewelry from us?

That’s a great question.

Because a lot of jewelry stores will ship your jewelry off to be serviced. It can take weeks to ship your jewelry back and forth. And when it gets to the offices of whoever’s doing the work, your jewelry is just a number in an endless see of numbers.

What we do is employ a master bench jeweler, right here in our store.

The man is a wizard.

He seamlessly blends old-school craftsmanship with modern technology.

The result is repair work you can trust in and rely on.

We offer repair, appraisals, insurance, custom design… Well, just about any and every jewelry service you could ask for.

And that’s about the size of it.

And I’ll be totally honest with you: You’re reading this on our website from the comfort of your home or office, or you’re reading this on your phone at a coffee shop…

And I don’t know what’s on your life horizon.

Maybe you’re thinking of getting engaged.

Maybe you’re in the doghouse and looking for a gift to patch things up.

Maybe you’ve got an anniversary coming up with a zero or five on the end.

But if you take nothing else away from reading this, I want you to get this:

We are a local, family business that works damn hard to give you the best jewelry in world and make you incredibly happy.

Whatever your situation — if you’re thinking jewelry — come see us.

Thousands of people have, for decades.

Come see for yourself why Garcia & Co. Jewelers is:

Farmington, NM's favorite family jeweler.


Mark Garcia