Your Personal Jeweler, Wherever You Are

For over 30 years, Garcia & Company Jewelers has been the personal jeweler of thousands of people in the Farmington NM area.

But as anyone from Farmington knows, you go where the work takes you.

So we have many good clients who have moved out of town or out of state to provide for their families.

Trouble is, once they get where they're going, many of our clients tell us they can't find a local jewelry store that meets their needs.

And we want you to know:

We Are Here To Be Your Personal Jeweler, No Matter Where You Are

image of owners of Garcia and Company Jewelers in Farmington NM

What that means is that we provide personal jewelry shopping services for all of our out of town clients.

  • If you're looking for a diamond of a certain price or size
  • If you're looking for an engagement or anniversary ring
  • If you're looking for the perfect fashion jewelry to add to your collection
  • Or if you just need a gift for your next special occasion

We can help!

We'll be your personal shopper, using our trusted network of suppliers, designers, and artists from around the world to find exactly what you want.

We'll send you images, give you advice, and offer a range of prices that work for you.

And we'll also ship your purchase for FREE.

Just give us a call (505-326-7353), text us (505-207-2217), or fill out the form below, and let us know how we can help.

Let Us Be Your Personal Jewelry Shopper!

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