Jewelry Repair in Farmington, NM

Protect and Restore The Jewelry You Love

At Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM we believe the jewelry you wear everyday is the jewelry that matters most.

It goes where you go.

It does what you do.

There are those certain pieces of jewelry that you wouldn’t imagine leaving the house without, and that constant wear takes its toll on your jewelry. There are 3 levels of service you may need:


Everything from the natural oils of your skin, to the lotions and perfumes you wear, to the shampoos and conditioners you use, can make your jewelry look dull and lifeless.

A simple cleaning will bring life back to your jewelry.

This Service is FREE at Garcia & Co. Jewelers. Just bring in your jewelry and we’ll get it clean and sparkling with safe, professional ultrasonic and steam cleaning.


The prongs that secure your diamonds can get worn down and loose, and can lead to diamonds falling out of your jewelry.

A master jeweler like the one at Garcia & Co. Jewelers can spot dangerous wear-and-tear like this before it becomes a crisis.

Bring your jewelry in for a check-up. We’ll give you a professional consultation on the work that needs to be done to make your jewelry safe to wear.


If the damage is already done a clasp has broken or a worn-out prong has caused a diamond to fall out  you may need full, restorative repair.

Our master bench jeweler blends centuries-old, quality craftsmanship with the latest technology, and will bring your jewelry back to life.

Whatever your situation, Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM has been home to the most experienced and respected jewelry service professionals in the Four Corners area for nearly 30 years.

Bring in your jewelry for cleaning or repair today.

And YES -- We also replace watch batteries!

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