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There are some exciting new trends happening in the world of engagement rings. And if you’re shopping for an engagement ring in Farmington, NM, these are trends you’ll want to check out before picking out your ring to say “I do!”

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Non-Diamond Center Stones

There has been more and more interest in non-diamond center stones in recent years. Perhaps some of this began with the sapphire engagement ring Kate Middleton wears. Whatever the cause we’ve definitely seen more interest in sapphires, rubies, and Moissanite.

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Colored Stone Accents

Similar to the previous trend, we’ve also seen an increase in people choosing a diamond center stone for their engagement ring, but choosing colored stones for the sides, or for their wedding band.

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This is a great way to maintain that classic sparkling diamond engagement ring look, but be able to personalize with some unique and non-traditional style.

Non-Traditional Diamond Shapes

Round diamonds have been, and still are, the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. There are good reasons for this. Diamond cutters have spent hundreds of years looking for the perfect way to cut a diamond to reveal its beauty to the fullest and make it sparkle the most. A well-cut round diamond generally is brighter and sparkles more.

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Having said that, we are seeing more and more people looking for diamond shapes such as oval, marquise, and emerald. These can be stunningly beautiful and unique but, like a round diamond, you still want to make sure it’s well-cut to maximize beauty and light performance. Marquise and oval diamonds, for example, can suffer from a light performance “dead spot” called a “bow tie.”

If you’re going to purchase a diamond shape other than round, be sure to work with a jeweler you trust to navigate some of the quirks that come with that territory.

Mix and Match Metal Colors

Another great way to personalize your engagement ring in 2019 is by mixing and matching metal colors. Basically, this means mixing and matching yellow, white, and rose gold. And there are two ways to do this:

First, you can choose (or create through custom design) an engagement ring that is “two tone” or “three tone” in its design.

image of two tone engagement ring

And second, you can choose an engagement ring that’s white gold, for example, and pair it with a wedding band that is made of yellow or rose gold. Again, this is a great way to get the classic diamond engagement ring while giving a small touch of personalization.

Yellow Gold Coming Back

Far and away, white gold has dominated the engagement ring market for years. But we are now seeing a trend back toward yellow gold. This is actually amazing news for a couple of reasons.

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First, gold is beautiful in its natural “yellow” state.

And second, if you choose yellow gold, you can often afford a bigger diamond. When purchasing a diamond, you really want three things: It should be cut to sparkle, you want it to look “clean” (not cluttered with inclusions), and you want it to look “white” (or like bright, clean “ice”).

So if you choose yellow gold, you can actually save money by buying a diamond of a lower (more yellow) color grade, and it will still look “white” to the naked eye compared to its yellow gold mounting. The money you save on a lower color grade can then be invested in something more important like diamond cut and diamond size.

3-Stone Rings

3-stone engagement rings were wildly popular back when, but have waned in popularity in the last 10-20 years. But we are now seeing a comeback of the 3-stone engagement ring, albeit in an updated and modernized form.

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Once upon a time, the 3-stone ring held a beautiful meaning. Where the traditional lone center diamond represents timeless commitment, the 3-stone ring took that one step further by representing the “past, present, and future” of your love.

As a jeweler, I’ve always been a big fan of the 3-stone ring and am happy to see it making a comeback.

Man-Made Diamonds

The popularity of these has varied greatly over the last few years, but it seems that people are slowly becoming more willing to embrace man-made diamonds. If you’re interested in purchasing a man-made diamond, we cover that more in-depth in this article:

“Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives: 5 Rings To Say ‘I Do’ Without Diamonds”

The Updated Halo

The halo engagement ring has been incredibly popular for years now. A small ring of diamonds (a halo) around your center diamond is a great way to give your ring a bigger, more impressive look very affordably.

image of engagement ring with halo

But it’s been around a while and we’ve heard people saying they like the idea of the halo, but so many engagement ring halos look the same or similar.

The engagement ring halo is now enjoying some revitalization in 2019 and we’re seeing more and more designers getting more creative with halo designs.

2019 Engagement Ring Trends | Wrap-Up

If you’re looking for the latest engagement ring trends, or if you’re simply looking for an engagement ring that’s more personal and you, we can help!

If you live in the Farmington, NM area, come shop a large collection of diamonds and engagement rings, and get the expert advice you need to make a great decision.

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