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If you’re thinking custom jewelry design in Farmington, NM you likely have a vision for a piece of jewelry that you want to own, wear, and enjoy… But you’ve looked for it and can’t find it anywhere. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how the custom design process works, and some pro tips for how to get the best result from your custom jewelry design experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

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Custom Jewelry Design, Step #1: Share Your Vision

The process of having a piece of jewelry custom designed is pretty simple.

It starts with you communicating what you want the piece of custom jewelry to be.

The better you communicate what you want the piece of jewelry to be at the beginning, the easier the process will be overall.

Pro Tip #1: Use Inspiration Photos and Drawings

Even if you’re not good at drawing, some rough sketches of what you want the piece to look like can be very helpful to a designer. Pinterest can also be a very helpful tool for gathering inspiration photos.

Custom Jewelry Design, Step #2: Trust Your Designer

For your custom jewelry to turn out the best it possibly can, the most important thing after clear communication is trust.

I don’t mean blind trust. But if you’re going to pay someone to create something that has never existed before, you should work with a designer, jewelry store, or studio that has a proven track record of doing great work. You should work with someone who you feel has listened to you well and understands what you want.

This is the same kind of trust a client gives a tattoo artist or hair stylist.

You’re coming to them to create something beautiful for you. Before you spend the money, you need to have full confidence that they can deliver what you want.

Pro Tip #2: Look At Their Previous Work

The best way to know what someone will do in the future is by looking at what they’ve done in the recent past.

If you’re looking for a designer or jeweler to bring your unique piece of jewelry to life, don’t be afraid to ask to see some of their previous designs and ask questions about how their design process works.

Custom Jewelry Design, Step #3: Know What You’re Getting Into

Custom jewelry design is a process.

It goes from initial consultation, to drafting some concepts, to exchanging feedback and making tweaks, to production before you get a finished piece of jewelry.

At Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we do an amazing job of making this process as smooth, fun, and easy as possible.

But be aware that it is a process that’s more involved than, say, buying a piece of jewelry out of a showcase.

To make the process as enjoyable as possible, it helps for you to have a clear vision of what you want and what you don’t want. Your own clarity and understanding of the process will help the designer in creating the perfect piece of jewelry for you.

Custom Jewelry Design, Step #4: Be Open

We said earlier that trust is an important component of the design process. And if you followed Step #2 and found a designer who has deep knowledge and experience in custom jewelry design, they make suggestions about making your design that are in your best interest.

For example, part of designing jewelry well is not just making a pretty design. Jewelry also has to be functional and stand up to day-to-day wear.

Some design requests could lead to gemstones being mounted in a way that’s not secure and could lead to the gemstones being vulnerable to damage or falling out altogether.

Some design requests can lead to a piece of jewelry being off-balance, difficult to wear, or just downright uncomfortable.

As you go through the custom design process, be open to the practical suggestions offered by your jewelry design expert. Work with an expert who collaborate with you to give you the design you really want, AND give you a piece of jewelry that’s functional and wearable.

Ready To Get Started With Your Custom Jewelry Design?

Garcia and Company Jewelers has staff trained and educated by the Gemological Institute of America and American Gem Society, offers state-of-the-art computer aided design, and has a long history of delivering the most breathtaking custom designs in the Four Corners.

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