June Birthstone: Moonstone

March 03, 2017 2 min read

Pliny the Elder (a Roman historian) wrote about a stone "having within it the appearance of a star shining brightly like the full moon." He was talking about moonstone, one of the three birthstones for June.

Some ancient Romans believed that moonstone was a form of solidified moon-beam, and that its bright shimmer shifted according to lunar movements.

The ancients also believed that moonstone protected against “wandering of the mind,” insanity, and epilepsy. They believed that wearing a moonstone could improve your physical strength or help you reconcile with a lover.

Most interesting is the belief that if held in the mouth, a moonstone gave you the power to make the right decision in any situation... Because it empowered you to foretell the future.

In 1502, Italian Prince Cesare Borgia called the stones selenites, and wrote:

"[Selinite] contains the figure of the moon or a clouded star... It is very powerful stone in the reconciling of love, and during the whole time of the increase of the moon, it helps the pthisical (consumptive); but in the decrease it discovers surprising effects, for it enables a person to foretell future events."

Modern gemologists have since demystified this amazing stone, explaining the floating, starry glow as an optical phenomenon called “adularescence,”  and categorizing it down into the mineral family called feldspar.

But even in the face of modern science...

Stare into a moonstone, and you can’t help but marvel at the milky play of light dancing beneath the stone’s surface.

It’s easy to see why the ancients believed them to be magic.

And it’s easy to see why people continue to be fascinated with wearing them today.

Moonstone is an “off-the-beaten-path” favorite of jewelry and gemstone lovers. It’s a very unique birthstone, and it’s one of the traditional jewelry gifts for the 13th wedding anniversary.

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