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Promise rings have come and gone (and come back again) in popularity over the years. What many people don’t realize is that they are often used for multiple reasons.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the different reasons you might purchase, give, or wear a promise ring.

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Promise Rings: Engaged To Get Engaged

Promise rings have been used in the past as a symbol of intention to get engaged and married in the future. Often times, these were given by kids in high school who pledged their love to one another and wanted to publicly symbolize their plans to get engaged after graduating.

Similarly, a promise ring might be given by one who has joined the military and wants to give a token of commitment while at basic training or deployed overseas.

Promise Rings: A Promise of Purity

More recently, promise rings were popularized in the 2011 movie Courageous as a symbol of purity between a father and daughter:

This kind of promise ring is intended to be worn until the young woman gets engaged and her engagement ring replaces the promise ring on her finger.

This type of promise ring is a beautiful symbol of love, protection, and faith.

Promise Rings: Commitment of Any Kind

Over the decades and centuries, “promise rings” have symbolized a variety of commitments and they can do the same today.

If you have a promise or commitment you want to make to someone in your life, the ring is the perfect symbol.

Yes, getting married is one of the most important commitments you’ll ever make and your wedding rings are the one of the most important symbols you’ll ever wear…

But there are other important promises we make to the people we love. Why not symbolize those commitments with a ring, the perfect symbol of eternal devotion and always staying true.

Whether it’s a commitment to sobriety, a promise between a father and daughter, a pledge to marry in the future, or any vow to fulfill a personal duty, a promise ring is a wearable symbol to show the world what matters to you most in life.

Looking for a ring to symbolize an important commitment?

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