The #1 Reason for Lost And Damaged Diamonds

March 03, 2017 2 min read

Isn’t it true that the easiest, simplest things to do…

Are often the easiest things to forget, or put off until “tomorrow”?

Well, when it comes to the "how" and "why" of people losing or damaging the diamonds in their favorite jewelry, that’s absolutely the case.

In 9 out of 10 cases, jewelry problems could have been prevented by…     

A routine inspection.

Here at Garcia & Co., this service is complimentary. And it’s a very simple process where we can spot some of the most common jewelry problems in a few seconds by inspecting your jewelry under magnification.

There can be a number of common, minor maintenance issues with jewelry that is worn every day. But there is ONE reason that is themost common, theeasiest to fix, and themost dangerous if it goes unnoticed for too long…

That reason — the #1 reason for lost and damaged diamonds — is worn out prongs. The prongs are the little “claws” that hold your diamonds in place.

And because they’re made of precious metals that are relatively soft (compared to say steel or titanium), the prong tips wear down over time through normal wear-and-tear. 

Think of all the times you bump your ring against something throughout the day… Opening a car door, accidentally on a kitchen countertop, or against your desk while sending emails.

Those little impacts and scrapes wear the metal down over time, and your prong tips can wear so thin that they eventually break, or wiggle loose enough to let a diamond slip out.

If it’s been 6 months or longer since you’ve had your jewelry inspected or serviced, don’t wait any longer.

Come in for acomplimentary inspection. If your prongs are worn down to the point they need to be serviced, we’ll quote you a price for the repair work.

If your prongs are in good shape, at least you’llknow you can wear your jewelry with confidence.

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