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When you’re searching for diamond rings in Farmington NM, there are typically 3 main types of diamond rings that people are searching for: Engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond anniversary rings.

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Diamond Rings in Farmington, NM: Diamond Engagement Rings

The number one thing people are looking for when searching for diamond rings is diamond engagement rings. Obviously, these are for couples who are looking to take their relationship to the next level and get married.

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But people buy diamond engagement rings every day who have been married for years. If you’ve been married for some time, you might choose to celebrate a major anniversary (the kind that end in 0s or 5s) with a new diamond engagement ring to replace the old one.

You can either purchase a new diamond and engagement ring, or keep your diamond and have it remounted into a new ring.

Either way, diamond engagement rings are equally perfect for couples moving toward marriage and married couples celebrating their relationship.

Diamond Rings in Farmington, NM: Diamond Wedding Bands

Next up is diamond wedding bands. And, again, most people think of these as simply something you buy one time when you get married… But that's just not so.

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Diamond bands, that are often worn as wedding bands, can also be worn on other fingers as a simple, elegant fashion accessory.

Another great look is adding multiple diamond wedding bands to your wedding ring. Try stacking various colors of gold wedding bands around your engagement ring for a fun, fresh look. Putting rose gold diamond wedding bands on either side of your engagement ring is a great way to add fresh life to your existing ring.

Diamond Rings in Farmington, NM: Diamond Anniversary Rings

Diamond anniversary rings are a great way to celebrate your relationship milestones. For example, one of the classic 5-year anniversary gifts is a 5-stone diamond anniversary ring.

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Where the engagement ring and wedding band on your left hand symbolize your marriage and commitment, diamond anniversary rings can be worn on the right hand to symbolize how far you’ve come together.

Diamond Rings in Farmington, NM: Wrap Up

If you’re looking for diamond rings in Farmington, NM, Garcia & Co. Jewelers specializes in diamond jewelry.

Come see us to explore the Four Corners’ largest selection of diamonds and diamond jewelry, as well as receiving the best customer service of any local jeweler in the area (check out our Google reviews).

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