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We recently went over the different kinds of necklaces and earrings available with fashion tips for each. In today’s article, we’ll cover the 9 main types of bracelets so you know exactly what to look for and ask for the next time you're shopping for a new bracelet.

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1. Charm Bracelets

As you’re probably aware, charm bracelets have been incredibly popular for over a decade now with brands like Pandora, Chamilia, and Trollbeads.

image of charm bracelet

These are fun to build, offer endless customization and personalization, and are inexpensive. Many women take a “treat yourself” approach to adding new beads to their bracelets.

2. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff and Bangle (more about those next) often get confused, which it totally understandable. They often use similar designs with one important difference.

Cuff bracelets have an opening, they’re shaped like a “C” when turned on their side. Like this:

image of cuff bracelet

3. Bangle Bracelets

image of bangle bracelet

As mentioned above, Cuff and Bangle bracelets are similar with the one key difference that bangle bracelets are a closed circular shape that is non-flexible and must be either slid over the hand or opened and closed with some kind of clasp.

4. Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet, particularly the diamond tennis bracelet, is considered a jewelry classic among other diamond classics like diamond studs or a diamond solitaire pendant.

image of diamond tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet got it’s name when tennis star Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet fell off during a 1987 U.S. Open match. She asked to stop the match for a moment to find and retrieve her bracelet. Ever since then, this style of diamond bracelet has been referred to as a “tennis” bracelet. (source)

The tennis bracelet is a simple, but stunning, inline row of diamonds. As the origin of the “tennis” bracelet suggests, be sure to get a comfortable but secure fit, and make sure the clasp has a safety latch in the event the clasp accidentally comes undone.

Losing a costume jewelry bangle or a sterling silver charm bracelet from your wrist is nothing compared to losing multiple carats of diamonds in an instant. Tennis bracelets are great for everyday wear and active lifestyles, but it’s crucial to have a secure clasp and have the piece regularly serviced to make sure it’s safe and secure for active wear.

5. Multi-Strand Bracelets

These come in a variety of materials and gemstones, but the design is essentially the same.

image of multi-strand bracelet

Bracelets like this are great because they give you the rich appearance of multiple bracelets stacked together.

6. Beaded Bracelets

image of beaded bracelets

This type of bracelet is any number of beads strung together to create a bracelet. This can be large beads strung together in a neat line or many small beads arrange in an intricate pattern.

7. Link Bracelets

image of link bracelet

Like a chain made of many links, this bracelet is made of ornate or simple gold hoops linked together to form a bracelet. These often use what’s known as a “toggle clasp,” which is the T-shaped clasp that slips through the final hoop on the end of the bracelet.

8. Leather or Fabric Strap Bracelets

image of leather strap bracelets

On the more casual side of bracelets, there are those made of leather, fabric, or even plastic. Among the most common types of bracelets are those that are a simple strap, often secured with just a simple string tie.

9. Wrap Bracelets

image of leather wrap bracelet

Similar to the previous category, and one of the most popular styles of bracelet right now for casual fashion, is the wrap bracelet. This is often a long strand of leather or fabric that is wrapped around the wrist to create a complex “woven” look on the wrist.

Wrap-Up: The Big World of Bracelets

This article is by no means a comprehensive list of every bracelet out there. These are simply the main categories. You’ll see different combinations of these styles that designers have put together, or bracelets that break the standard mold completely.

If you’re thinking about adding a fine jewelry bracelet to your jewelry collection in Farmington, NM, visit us here.

And as your jewelry collection grows, remember to experiment, try new things, and have fun with your jewelry. That’s what it’s all about!

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