Turquoise Jewelry in Farmington, NM

Being in the Four Corners area, turquoise jewelry is naturally an important part of the Farmington, NM jewelry scene.

And when most people think turquoise jewelry in Farmington, NM, they think of sterling silver Native American turquoise jewelry.

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And while Native American turquoise jewelry is incredibly beautiful, and crafted by unbelievably skilled artisans, there’s also a world of turquoise jewelry beyond that, like the fine turquoise jewelry available at Garcia & Co. Jewelers from New Mexico jewelry company, KABANA.

Get To Know KABANA Turquoise Jewelry In Farmington, NM

KABANA turquoise jewelry is made completely in New Mexico in their facilities in Albuquerque. Their team of incredibly skilled artisans crafts each piece by hand to create unparalleled turquoise inlay jewelry, set in fine materials like gold and sterling silver.

If you’re looking for turquoise jewelry in Farmington, NM and you want something beyond the ordinary, come shop the KABANA turquoise jewelry collection at Garcia & Co. Jewelers.

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