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One of the things we hear most often is: “I don’t want an engagement ring like everybody else. I want a unique engagement ring.” And this makes total sense. Your love, your relationship, isn’t “cookie cutter.” Your engagement ring shouldn’t be either.

But one of the things many people don’t know until they start shopping for unique engagement rings is that there isn’t one way to get a unique engagement ring. There are different options that give you different levels of customization and require different levels of commitment and creativity on your part.

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If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, this article is your guide. Here are the different ways to find your own perfect, unique engagement ring!

Engagement Ring Designer Prototypes

Instead of creating finished precious metal and diamond engagement rings (called “live goods” inside the industry), some designers will send to retail stores model versions of all the rings they can make, made with non-precious materials.

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The down side to these is that once you find the ring that you want, an order must be placed for that ring to be made by the designer and then shipped back to the retail store where you bought it for a final quality check and/or setting the diamond you’ve chosen. This means the process can take some time. Sometimes a week or two.

But there are two upsides to these:

First, because it’s a physical prototype (and not a custom design image or artist rendering), you still get to try the piece on and see how it feels and looks on your hand before making a decision.

But second, and more importantly when it comes to getting a unique engagement ring, you have the chance to request small customizations because the ring hasn’t been created yet.

This is a good option if you don’t want too many customization options, but still want to make a few tweaks and make the ring your own.

This path allows you to find a ring style you like, but then customize things like the type/color/quality of the precious metal it’s made of. If you want the ring in rose gold instead of white gold, for example, or platinum instead of white gold, those are typically easy customizations. Another example might be if you wanted the side stones set with small sapphires instead of diamonds.

This is a good option for those who want the comfort and confidence of picking a style you like and physically trying it on before purchasing, but also to personalize the ring.

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM, we always carry at least one designer who provides the latest designs via this designer prototype model.

Boutique Designer Engagement Rings

With boutique designer engagement rings, the piece itself is already unique because it is inspired and created by the unique creativity of the designer.

Often, you will have little-to-no opportunity to change the engagement ring in any significant way. These are typically finished pieces, made of precious metals and diamonds, that are ready to be sized to your finger and immediately worn.

Where the designer prototypes (described above) tend to offer a range of classic and contemporary styles in order to offer “something for everyone”…

Boutique engagement rings are created with more of an artistic inspiration and each boutique designer’s rings will not be for everyone. They’re not meant to be. It’s more like buying a piece of art. One painting might move someone to tears; the same painting might be completely boring to someone else.

When choosing a boutique designer engagement ring, be conscious of it being “too unique." I know that might sound strange in an article about unique engagement rings, but think about it:

Your engagement ring, in many ways, is meant to be timeless. It’s supposed to be a piece of jewelry you can wear for years or decades without it “going out of style.” If you pick an engagement ring style that’s trendy for the year, you may find yourself shopping for another engagement ring in a few years that’s more classic.

Obviously, this statement isn’t true for everyone and buying a unique engagement ring is a personal choice. But it’s just something to think about before making your final purchase decision.

Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Custom engagement ring design is the ultimate in terms of freedom and control, but it also requires some creativity, communication, and commitment on your part.

If you have a vision for what you want your unique engagement ring to be…

If you’ve shopped around, searched online, and still can’t find it anywhere…

Then custom design might be the path for you.

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM, we offer the perfect blend of cutting edge design technology and in-house traditional craftsmanship.



CLICK HERE to Learn More About Custom Jewelry Design

Refurbish a Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

Getting a unique engagement ring doesn’t always mean buying or making something new. If you have a family heirloom engagement ring that you like, consider taking it to a good local jeweler with an in-house service center to see what they can do to restore it to its former glory and size it to fit you.

This can be an incredibly meaningful way to get that “vintage” look, honor your family traditions, and get that unique look that no one else has.

Reimagine a Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

In some circumstances, the family heirloom engagement ring may not be salvageable, or the style may just not be a fit for you.

In these cases, consider using the family diamond and remounting it into a new ring. Taking a family heirloom diamond and reimagining it with a new ring that’s right for you can be an equally rewarding experience that brings your heritage into the engagement.

If you like certain style elements of the ring, but don’t necessarily like the ring overall, you can also consult a custom jewelry design expert to use the same diamond but reimagine a modern version of the family heirloom ring.

Unique Engagement Rings: Wrap Up

I hope this article about unique engagement rings opened your eyes to some new options that you didn’t know existed.

Remember: Jewelry is essentially a creative, beautiful, artistic thing. There are always more options than just buying what’s in the showcase.

As with many things in jewelry, everything is easier and more fun when you’re working with an experienced jewelry professional who can steer you away from pitfalls, and suggest great options you may not have considered before.

Looking for a unique engagement ring in Farmington, NM or the surrounding area?

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