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If you desire to throw a bachelorette party but don’t have the funds sitting blissfully in your bank account to make it to your dream destination, there are a number of options for maintaining fun while maintaining a practical budget.

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Special guest post from Aimee Lyons of DIYdarlin.com

Set a Bachelorette Party Budget

It’s usually up to the bridesmaids to set the tone of the bachelorette party, and prices can range anywhere from a mere $30 to a much steeper amount, depending on when the event is held and the location, according to Everafterguide.com. Although you’ll still want to make sure to have fun with everyone while you’re out and about, you should consider your budget and what it can afford you.

If your budget isn’t very big, then a simple outing, such as a dinner or drinks, will frequently do the trick. However, if the bride is a bit higher maintenance, a destination party will set the ideal tone, but be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars on flights, hotel rooms, and outings. If you plan to go for a weekend getaway, then it’s a good idea to get the input of everyone around, including the bride.

Choose a Bachelorette Party Style: Low Key or a Night on the Town

Staying local will undoubtedly cost less than flying to a new city. However, there are plenty of ways to have fun while in the vicinity of friends and family. Plan the destination somewhere local if most of your attendees live close by, such as your home or a hip venue. The good news is that many bachelorette parties are pretty low-key, so you’re not alone and it’s a good way to celebrate without things getting too wild.

Consider what everyone will have to chip in for if you choose to forgo local activities. However, make sure that the bride knows what is going on so that you won’t waste any money if she doesn’t want to attend. Also, consider the tastes of the bride; is she outdoorsy or does she have a more grandeur preference? A country music venue, glamping, or going to a luxurious spa might fit her fancy. Keep tabs on who is paying for what, and try to find a group or bridal discounts whenever possible. Many businesses will kindly cut costs, especially companies such as Airbnb and Lyft.

Giving Gifts for Bachelorette Parties

According to the Knot, while gift giving at a bachelorette party is certainly an option, it isn’t always necessary, especially if you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money throwing a lavish party. However, it’s okay to hand over small trinkets or gag gifts to honor her. Also, think about things she might enjoy. If she’s into beauty products, for example, check out reviews and pick up some hot hair rollers or items from her favorite line of makeup or perfume.

Of course, if you can’t make it to the bachelorette party, then you may consider purchasing a more meaningful gift. However, it shouldn’t be out of obligation. But if you offer a special gift, or an unexpected payment towards her tab, she will definitely be understanding and appreciate the offer.

Bachelorette Party Safety

While fun should always be at the forefront, the most important aspect is your safety. Before you leave home, make sure that all doors and windows are locked and that your front porch is well lit to make it look like someone is home. Have a neighbor check on your house to deter burglars and hold all your mail until you get back.

Since bachelorette parties can get a bit wild, with the drinking and fun-filled adventure, things can go overboard. With this in mind, never post compromising photos via social media of the party without the party’s permission.

Furthermore, drink responsibly and stay in pairs. Though having a drink or two is okay, there are people out there who prey on drunk women, so make sure you always have a buddy nearby. If you plan to drink more than usual or are with someone who is having trouble standing, hiring a driver will help lead you to safety.

There is never a shortage of excitement to be had at a bachelorette party. Keep these basic rules and tips in mind for a safe and fun-filled experience.

This article is a special guest post from Aimee Lyons of DIYdarlin.com


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