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If you recently got engaged, or are thinking about moving your relationship toward marriage, you might be thinking about where your wedding will take place.

While there are many beautiful wedding venues in the surrounding Farmington, NM area, this particular article will focus on the top wedding venues inside of Farmington, NM proper.

So with no further ado, here is your guide to wedding venues in Farmington, NM!

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*None of the information below is sponsored or endorsed. As Farmington's most trusted local engagement ring jewelry store, we simply want to provide additional wedding-related resources.

Wedding Venues In Farmington, NM: General Tips

Choosing a good wedding venue can have an incredible impact on the overall experience of your wedding day. There are many things you should consider when choosing a wedding venue.

First, consider the beauty of the venue itself. This seems obvious, but many couples planning their wedding don't fully realize how long-lasting the impact is of how the venue looks.

Remember: Your venue is the backdrop for all of the wedding photos that you'll frame, hang on your walls, put on your office desk, and cherish for the rest of your life. So really think about what you want that backdrop to be.

Second, consider the amenities you get with the venue. Ideally, you want your wedding day to be as easy and effortless as possible. The focus of your wedding day should be your love... Not fighting with your relatives over who is going to help setup the event.

However, venues that do all of the work for you are typically more expensive. So take a hard look at your budget and decide what's right for you. But we recommend finding a venue that offers the most amenities for your budget.

Things to consider are: Do they setup and take down all of the chairs and tables? Do they provide adequate setup options for a band or DJ (proper electrical connections, etc)? Do they provide food or will you have to find your own catering? Do they provide a bar and bartenders?

Third, decide whether you want a venue where you can host both the ceremony and reception, or just the reception. For example, if you want to have a more traditional wedding in a church, you may only need to rent the venue for the reception.

If, however, you need the venue for both the ceremony and reception, you need to consider this when selecting a venue. You may need a wedding venue with two separate areas so that you can do the ceremony, and then your guests can move to the reception area for dinner, dancing, and cake.

Fourth, and finally, focus on fun. So many couples focus on getting details "exactly right" and forget that their wedding is a day they should enjoy and remember fondly forever. It should be a day about celebrating with friends and family.

So if you're stuck between choosing a venue that's beautiful, and one that will make the day easier and more fun, consider the wedding venue that allows you to stress less and celebrate more.

Wedding Venues In Farmington NM: Different Types of Wedding Venues For Different Needs

Now let's get into specific venues available to host your wedding. We will try to be as comprehensive as possible, but if there's some venue that we missed that you think should be represented here, please contact us here and let us know!

Wedding Venues In Farmington NM, Category #1: City of Farmington Venues

Three fantastic wedding venues that are available in Farmington NM are actually available through the City of Farmington. These venues are:

image of farmington nm civic center wedding venue
Lions Wilderness Park Amphitheater (available select times of the year)
image of Lions Wilderness Amphitheater wedding venue in Farmington NM
image of Farmington Museum wedding venue in Farmington NM

The advantages of choosing a City of Farmington wedding venue are twofold:

First, these locations are beautiful. From being in the heart of downtown Farmington, to the breathtaking vistas in Lions Wilderness Park, to the riverside terrace of the Farmington museum, each of these locations makes a fantastic backdrop for your wedding day.

Second, they are typically more affordable than other options. Contact each venue for specific pricing.

The downside of these wedding venues is that they don't typically offer the other amenities you may need (food and drink, for example), like some of the other wedding venue options below.

The city also provides these listings in one place here:

Wedding Venues from City of Farmington, NM

Wedding Venues In Farmington NM, Category #2: National Chain Hotels

There are two popular options in Farmington when it comes to having your wedding at a national brand hotel, and both of them are from Marriott.


image of courtyard by Marriott Farmington NM wedding venue



image of Townplace Suites wedding venue by Marriott in Farmington NM


These are typically better used as locations for the reception, and their biggest advantage is that they provide a place for your out-of-town guests to eat and drink, and then stay right there on the property.

The Townplace Suites offers smaller spaces and fewer amenities.

The Courtyard by Marriott, on the other hand, offers larger reception spaces, an on-site chef to cater food for your guests, and "all-in-one packaging" for your wedding.

Wedding Venues In Farmington NM, Category #3: Local Boutique Venues

While national chain hotels offer the convenience of central location and lots of rooms available for your guests to stay in, they don't offer any of the local charm and beauty that Farmington has to offer.

image of casa blanca inn wedding venue in farmington nm


The Casa Blanca Inn is an incredible boutique bed and breakfast gem in Farmington NM. They've got stunningly beautiful grounds, 8 cozy suites (plus a two bedroom cottage), and complimentary gourmet breakfast.

This is a small, intimate venue perfect for a small, intimate wedding (contact the Casa Blanca Inn about your particular wedding plans to see if it's a fit).

This venue is one of the most beautiful locations in Farmington, and if you have a small wedding in mind, and you have out of town guests who want to stay together in an intimate setting, this might be a good option for you.

image of Lakeshore Reception Center wedding venue in Farmington NM


The Lakeshore Reception Center is technically in Flora Vista, NM, but it's just across the highway from Farmington Lake. It offers both stunning lakeside scenery and full accommodations for both a wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding Venues In Farmington NM, Category #4: Other Venues

There are two more great venues that we'd like to cover that don't fit into the categories above. Those are the local country club and the local casino.

image of San Juan Country Club wedding venue in Farmington NM


This venue offers stunning golf course views, delicious catering, full bar service, and a beautiful dining area with a dance floor.

In warm weather, you have the option of doing the ceremony outdoors next to a beautiful golf course pond, with the reception typically happening in the San Juan Room, a beautiful dining room with a dance floor. This is truly an "all-in-one" package for weddings of any size.

According to their website, you must either be a member of the San Juan Country Club, or be sponsored by a member. Please contact the San Juan Country Club for more information.

image of Sunray Casino wedding venue in Farmington NM


Casinos can be good venues if you want to add a party and play element to your wedding. SunRay Park & Casino offers multiple banquet rooms for both small and large weddings. They offer full bar service, lighting and audio tech, dance floors, and on-site catering.

Once again, if this is the type of wedding or reception you're going for, this might be a great all-in-one package for you.

Another Amazing Wedding Venue Option, Just Outside of Farmington, NM...

Another great option that's a 10-15 minute drive from Farmington, NM (in Kirtland, NM) is the Triple J Ranch.

images of Triple J Ranch, a wedding venue in the Farmington, NM area

Triple J Ranch is "the right blend of country elegance you want for your wedding venue". The venue is part of a 300 acre working ranch and was built in the late 1800's.

If you're looking for a rustic, country-style venue, Triple J might be a great fit for you. Check out their website for more photos and information:

Triple J Ranch Wedding Venue


Wedding Venues In Farmington NM: Wrap-Up

I hope this article was helpful for you in considering the available wedding venues  in Farmington, NM.

Again, if there are any venues we missed that you think should be on the list contact us here.


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