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In my over 30 years of buying and selling engagement rings, I’ve never come across a guy who is actually, really and truly, looking for a “cheap” engagement ring in Farmington, NM.

Never have I seen a guy excited to buy a cheap engagement ring, run home to woman he’s about to propose to, and tell her…

“Yep, just bought the cheapest one I could find.”

99.9% of the time, the guy just doesn’t have a stack of cash laying around to spend on an engagement ring, so he thinks he should find a “cheap” one.

Almost always, the man actually wants to give her the best ring he can, even if he doesn’t have a lot of money.

So if you’re searching for cheap engagement rings, here are a few tips to help you get quality at a price that works for you:

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Cheap Engagement Rings In Farmington, NM, Tip #1: Get High Quality, Even When On A Budget

If you’ve done any research at all, you know that the average amount spent on an engagement ring is over $5,000.

That can be an intimidating number.

But the reality is that there are quality diamond engagement rings out there easily under $1,000.

One of the most popular engagement rings we sell here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers is priced just around $800.

YES. You CAN get a high quality diamond set in 14 karat gold for a price that’s easy to afford.

And if $800 still sounds high to you, here’s something else to consider…

Cheap Engagement Rings In Farmington, NM, Tip #2: Pay With Smart Financing Options

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM, we give you easy, flexible payment options with approved credit.

If you don’t have $800 right now that you can spend on an engagement ring… It doesn't matter!

We offer 6 month financing with no interest. That comes out to about $145 per month on an $800 purchase.

We also offer 12 month financing with no interest for purchases of $1,000 or more. That comes out to less than $90 per month.

So if you decide you want to give her a quality engagement ring, but can’t pay all at once…

Don’t worry about it! Come see us. We’ll show you beautiful rings that fit your monthly budget and give you the application for the financing plan that’s right for you.

Cheap Engagement Rings In Farmington, NM, Tip #3: Buy From A Store With A Diamond Upgrade Program

It’s almost always best to buy the highest quality you can afford now, and work with a jeweler who will allow you to upgrade the diamond later.

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we offer full trade up value on your diamond toward a larger diamond whenever you’re ready to upgrade.

This is a great way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. If you buy a quality 1/4 or 1/2 carat diamond that you can afford now, you can trade that diamond later toward a 3/4 or 1 carat diamond later on.

If you buy a cheap (low quality) diamond and engagement ring now, it will be difficult to get value out of it later on.

Cheap Engagement Rings In Farmington, NM, Wrap Up: Give The Love of Your Life Quality — Even If You Can’t Spend A Lot

We started this article by saying that I’ve never met a guy who set out to give his bride-to-be something “cheap.”

And if you’ve read this far, I believe that you’re very likely someone who wants to give her the best even though money is tight.

Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM, we’re all about helping you celebrate your love. Period. We don’t try to push you into something too expensive for your current budget.

With access to more diamonds than anywhere else in the Four Corners, and easy financing options, we’ll do everything we can to give you a quality engagement ring at a price that works for you and your monthly budget.

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