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Christmas is almost here! And if your you’re looking for Christmas gifts in Farmington, NM, today’s article is about some of the best classic jewelry gifts you can give. When you give these, you don’t have to worry about getting the style right or knowing her exact taste.

These are the timeless gifts that every woman should have in her jewelry box. They’re easy to pick out and, with zero interest jewelry financing, they’re easy to buy too.

Here are the top 5!

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Classic Jewelry Christmas Gift #1: Diamond Studs

If you read our article about different kinds of earrings, than you know that it’s basically impossible to go wrong with diamond studs. Fashion experts regard diamond studs as one of the “must haves” in your jewelry box.

And because diamond studs are so simple — they’re diamonds mounted onto stud earring posts:

image of diamond stud earrings in Farmington, NM

There are no difficult shopping choices. There’s no wondering if she’ll like the particular style you picked out.

You simply need to focus on buying high quality diamonds that will sparkle like crazy and be a valuable treasure for life.

Classic Jewelry Christmas Gift #2: Pearls

Another of the classic jewelry gifts is pearls. This can be a strand necklace of fresh water pearls, or a simple pearl studs.

image of pearls in Farmington, NM

These can be worn both casually and formally, they’re very affordable, and they give a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Classic Jewelry Christmas Gift #3: Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Much like a pair of diamond studs, a diamond solitaire pendant necklace is so simple that it’s impossible to get wrong. It’s a diamond that she can wear around her neck.

image of diamond solitaire pendant in Farmington, NM

Like diamond studs, there’s no wondering if you got her size right, no bringing it back to the jewelry store after Christmas for sizing.

Classic Jewelry Christmas Gift #4: Birthstone Jewelry

Want something a bit more personal? Give her a ring or necklace that features her birthstone. Another great option is to give her jewelry that features the birthstone of your child (or children).

image of birthstone ring in Farmington, NM

Birthstone jewelry doesn’t have to be just for Mother’s Day! You can give her jewelry she’ll love to wear that also has the extra personalization and meaning behind it with birthstone jewelry.

Do keep in mind that in most cases these are custom creations. If you want to give birthstone jewelry as a Christmas gift, you will likely need to shop ahead of time.

Classic Jewelry Christmas Gift #5: Diamond Solitaire Ring

If you’re dating The One, the diamond solitaire ring is the ultimate Christmas gift.

image of diamond solitaire ring in Farmington, NM

Christmas is the #1 time to propose because of the romance of the season and because you’ll be around the friends and family who matter most to you!

Read More About Proposing At Christmas Here

Christmas Gifts In Farmington, NM: The Easiest Way To Shop

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