Elk Ivory Jewelry In Farmington, NM

One of the best things about living the Farmington NM area is all the amazing natural beauty that surrounds us. And a huge part of enjoying that natural beauty is hunting.

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I (Mark Garcia, owner) grew up hunting. Most of my family grew up hunting. It's one of the best ways to stay connected to nature, unplug, and get away for a weekend.

If you're a hunter who has collected elk ivory and you'd like to turn it into something wearable and giftable, come see us. We can help turn your elk ivory into elk ivory jewelry.

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This may include:

  • Elk Tooth Jewelry
  • Elk Tooth Ring
  • Elk Tooth Necklace
  • Elk Tooth Pendant
  • Elk Bugle Teeth Jewelry
  • Elk Tooth Earrings
  • Elk Tooth Bracelet

As you may know, we have decades of experience creating custom jewelry, and creating amazing elk ivory jewelry is no exception.

Bring your elk ivory to Garcia and Company Jewelers in Farmington NM and we'll give you a no-obligation consultation on how to best turn your elk ivory into something amazing and wearable.

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