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As we said in a previous post, Christmas is the number one time to get enageged. All of your family and friends are together, it’s a happy and romantic season, and around the New Year is a great time to start this exciting new chapter of your life.

But let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of actually buying an engagement ring in Farmington, NM, and 3 important things you should know right up front.

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Engagement Rings in Farmington, NM, Tip #1: You Don’t Need Cash

If you’re looking at engagement rings in Farmington, NM and wondering how much you can afford… Here’s the thing:

Old rules of thumb like “3 months salary” are completely, totally… Idiotic.

Spend what you need and want to spend to get the engagement ring she really wants.

Whether that’s $500, or $2,000, or $10,000… You do you.

But here’s the thing: Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we give you flexible payment options with no interest.


So even if you don’t have a few thousand dollars lying around…

You can still get engaged.

If you can work small payments into your monthly budget, you can afford an absolutely stunning engagement ring here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers.

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Engagement Rings in Farmington, NM, Tip #2: After-Purcahse Service Matters

A lot of guys who are thinking about getting engaged are thinking 100% about the diamond, the ring, and the proposal.

Which totally makes sense.

But very little thought typically goes into servicing and protecting the engagement ring months and years after the proposal is over.

And here are a few things you should think about: (1) Sizing the ring after you propose so its a perfect fit for her finger, (2) Regular cleaning and inspection that keeps the ring shining bright and safe to wear, and (3) Protecting the ring with an updated and accurate appraisal that you can submit to your insurance company.

To learn more Click Here

Engagement Rings in Farmington, NM, Tip #3: Don't Forget The Wedding Bands

Similar to the previous point, many guys think all about the engagement ring, but don’t think about the fact that both people also need wedding bands.

Keep this in mind when deciding on your budget for the engagement ring.

For more information about wedding bands, check out THIS ARTICLE about wedding rings, and THIS ARTICLEabout men's wedding bands.

Engagement Rings in Farmington, NM: Wrap Up

If you’re thinking about getting engaged this Christmas, come to Garcia & Co. Jewelers. We’ll give you a full education on how to buy a more beautiful diamond for the best price (whether you buy from us or not), and show you engagement rings that fit your budget and tastes.

We’re all about helping you make the best engagement ring decision for you, not putting sleazy sales pressure on you.

Ready to get engaged? Come see us.

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