September 17, 2018 2 min read

If you're thinking about buying an engagement ring in the Farmington NM area, this is for you! We are giving away our top diamond buying tips, tricks, and secrets, the same diamond buying knowledge we've used every single day to buy and sell diamonds for nearly 30 years.

We'll show you how to get the diamond of your dreams while saving money and buying smart.

Simply stop buy Garcia & Company Jewelers in Farmington NM and we'll give you a FREE printed copy of our diamond buying guide called "Insider Secrets: The Complete Consumer Guide To Buying a Diamond Like a Pro".

image of diamond buying guide

We'll also give you a FREE jeweler's loupe:

image of 10x jewelers loupe

This allows you to look at any diamond, in any store, the way a jeweler does: Under 10x magnification. We'll show you exactly what makes a diamond unique, rare, and valuable, and we'll show you how to look at diamond for yourself.

You'll get all of the knowledge and education you need to understand diamond buying and get the most bang for your buck, AND you'll get a free tool that will allow you look at diamonds the way the pros do.

And here's the best part:

You can stop by and get all of this for free with ZERO pressure or obligation to buy your diamond from us in the end.

See, there's a lot of misinformation about diamonds out there. But here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers, we believe that the best diamond shoppers are educated diamond shoppers.

We believe you should know exactly what you're buying and get the most value for your money.

If you believe that too, come see us and get your free diamond education kit today.

Available in-store only.

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