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 If you’re thinking about buying an engagement ring, there are a few things that you may want to know. And most of the advice below you won’t find elsewhere. From real talk about paying for the engagement ring, to some insider tips about the 4 Cs that most jewelry stores won’t tell you, this article is the place to start as you begin your engagement ring ring buying journey.

1. Paying For Your Engagement Ring

While getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in life, there are some practical things to think about before you start shopping. Like money. Having a plan for paying for the ring before you walk into a jewelry store is a good idea.

If you have the money on hand or saved up, then that’s that.

You could also use layaway and make payments on the ring you want, or use a personal credit card to buy it now and make payments later.

Another great option, whether you have the cash on hand or not, is to buy with 0% or low interest financing from the jeweler you’re buying from. This can be an incredibly convenient and easy way to pay.

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring here in Farmington NM, click HERE to learn more about special financing options.

2. The “4 Cs” (and what they don’t tell you)

“The 4 Cs” is a really helpful framework for understanding the most important aspects of buying a diamond. We covered these in-depth in this article series:


Now, you may be thinking… Isn’t this the same information I can find on any jeweler’s website?

And the answer is: Some of it, sure. Because the 4 Cs are the the 4 Cs, no matter what.

But what you’ll find in our diamond buying guide are some of the professional, industry insider tips we use to buy and sell diamonds every day. For example, there’s a “high value sweet spot” when it comes to diamond clarity and quality, and buying the “whitest” color and highest clarity grade is not always the right choice.

Before you go shopping, be sure to go through our diamond buying guide to get all the pro tips you need to get the most diamond bang for your buck.

3. Diamond First, Ring Second

As you may have noticed from the last point, choosing the diamond is a really important part of buying the engagement ring. The diamond is the most valuable part of the ring, and it’s the thing that sparkles brightly and gives aesthetic beauty to the ring itself.

In many jewelry stores, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a “pick your diamond, pick your setting” approach to engagement rings.

This gives you incredibly freedom in getting the exact ring you want. It helps you plan the total budget you’ll need for your ring. Do you want a simple solitaire ring, and put all of your budget into the biggest or most beautiful diamond you can afford? Do you want to pull back your budget on the center diamond and buy a particular ring with an elaborate design?

Thinking about the diamond and engagement ring as two different choices will give you a lot of options and customizing power in your engagement ring purchase.

4. Sizing and Service

One of the things a first-time engagement ring shopper rarely thinks about is the service that may be necessary after you buy your ring.

First and foremost, unless your finger is the average stock size of most rings, you’re going to need to have your ring sized. You may also want ongoing cleaning and service to maintain the beauty and integrity of your ring. All of this requires a bench jeweler.

One of the things to consider is purchasing your ring from a local jeweler who can size your ring immediately after purchase (or after the proposal), and service your ring longterm.

Most chain jewelry stores, for example, will typically ship your ring off to be sized and serviced, which can take weeks. This is worth considering before making an engagement ring purchase.

5. Wedding Rings

And lastly, the engagement ring is not the only ring you’ll purchase in your path toward marriage. As the day draws near, you will also need wedding bands that you will exchange during the ceremony.

When purchasing the engagement ring, consider buying a ring with a matching wedding band so you can get both rings at once.

To learn more about shopping for rings for him, check out THIS ARTICLE.

Buying an Engagement Ring: Wrap Up

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