How to Accessorize with Fine Jewelry

March 02, 2017 2 min read

Fashion experts who know how to accessorize with fine jewelry know:

Jewelry is probably the most overlooked part of fashion.

Because most people think of fashion as just clothing, but jewelry can make-or-break an outfit.

Carefully chosen jewelry is the finishing touch that makes all the difference.

On that note, here are a few tips for picking out jewelry to complete any look:


There are 3 main categories of earrings. Hoops, studs, and drop (or dangle). Hoops are typically a better match for a more casual look, though they can sometimes be worn with more formal attire (especially if they have diamonds).

Drop, or dangle, earrings are more artistic and expressive. They should be worn to draw compliments, at a party or dinner for example. Where these if you want to be “seen.” They are great conversation pieces.

Studs are the versatile classic. Diamond studs, for example, can be worn casually every day, or be the perfect compliment to your more formal, “going out” outfits.

in her book “Style from A to Zoe," famous Hollywood fashion expert Rachel Zoe put diamond studs in her top 10 must-have jewelry items.


As a general rule, anytime you’re wearing something with short or 3/4 sleeves, you should wear a bracelet (or bracelets) on one arm.

For more formal occasions, you can’t beat a classic diamond tennis bracelet. For a more casual look, wear slip-on bangle and cuff bracelets.

These can be gold, sterling silver, or acrylic. But avoid wearing bracelets on both arms, as it can create a cluttered and overwhelmed look.


The type of necklace you wear depends heavily on the neckline of the dress/shirt/blouse you’re wearing. For example, if you were wearing a V-neck, you’d probably want a necklace that drops down against your skin and accents the “V”.


Even though jewelry is the “most overlooked” part of fashion, and the right jewelry can turn a “so-so” look into something extraordinary...

You can also over-do it with jewelry.

Carefully selecting a few, high-quality pieces of jewelry is better than becoming a walking disco ball. The goal is tocomplete your look, and not to overwhelm it.

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