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When you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, your thinking naturally turns toward the symbol of commitment you’ll give when you pop the big question... The engagement ring.

Years ago, it was more common that the man would buy the engagement ring and propose... And that was that. And while that is certainly still one way to approach shopping for an engagement ring, couples are also choosing other approaches.

This article is meant to help you decide which engagement ring shopping approach is right for you.

Let’s get started!

couple holding hands shopping for an engagement ring in Farmington, NM

Engagement Ring Shopping Approach #1: The Big Surprise

As mentioned above, the most “traditional” approach to shopping for an engagement ring is for the man to simply pick out the ring and propose. While the proposal likely won’t be a total surprise (because, hopefully, you’ve at least talked about marriage at this point), often the man wants to make the big proposal moment as much of a surprise as possible.

This is a highly personal decision. Is the person you’re proposing to the type who will love all the thought you put into picking out the ring and setting up the proposal? Or will they be disappointed that they were left out of the ring buying decision process?

If you’re confident that you know your future spouse’s tastes well enough to pick out the ring without their direct input, this can be a great approach that makes for an unforgettable moment.

And if you’re not totally sure what ring style she’ll want, but still want to create that moment of magic and surprise, here’s another option to consider:

Instead of trying to pick out the perfect ring style, focus on buying a beautiful diamond and have the diamond mounted in simple solitaire ring.

It’s hard to go wrong with a solitaire mounting. You can then shop for her perfect dream ring together after she says yes.


Here at Garcia & Co. Jewelers in Farmington, NM, this is an option we make available to engagement ring shoppers who want to make it a surprise, but aren’t totally sure about the style of ring she’ll want.

Engagement Ring Shopping Approach #2: Shop Together, Buy Alone

This approach to engagement ring shopping has become more common in recent years. In this shopping approach, you shop around together as a couple to “narrow down” the style of ring that is right for you.

In contrast to the previous approach, this takes some of the worry out of picking the right ring style. By shopping together, you’ll be able to get a feel for the style of ring she’d most enjoy wearing every day.

And what great is that this approach doesn’t remove all of the mystery or surprise out of the actual proposal moment either. When you buy the ring, as well as the moment of the actual proposal, can still be unforgettable moments of surprise and joy.

And you get to propose with total peace of mind that she’s going to love the ring.

Another variation of this approach that we see is a woman coming to our store and pick out the ring she wants (or a few options she likes) and the man will come back later to purchase it.

Engagement Ring Shopping Approach #3: Shop Together, Buy Together

Another trend that has become more common today is couples who aren’t into the traditional notions of one person making a large purchase decision alone, or making a big spectacle of “popping the question.”

Some couples are more practical. They’re in love, they’re going to get married, and buying rings and getting married are things they’re going to do together.

And in relationships where both people work, some couples are even opting to split the cost of the wedding rings.

Some people see this as blasphemy — “The man should man up and buy the ring…”

While others see it as a more realistic approach to their relationship — “If we’re going to get married, do life together, and make other large purchases together later... Why not start now?”

Engagement Ring Shopping Approaches: Wrap Up

There is no “right” way to shop for an engagement ring. As you can tell from these 3 approaches, they all depend heavily on your unique relationship and the tone you want to set going forward in your relationship.

Because ultimately, that’s what getting engaged is. It’s not the end of being single… It’s the beginning of the rest of your life with that person.

Do you want your proposal to be a grand, romantic surprise? Do you want to start your marriage journey by making all the decisions together?

It’s up to you.

Whatever you decide, I hope we get to serve you during this incredible moment in your life.

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