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After you’ve purchased the engagement ring, the next big question you’ll have to answer is… What’s the best time and way to propose? We’ll go other exactly that and more in today’s article!

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The Best TIME To Propose in Farmington, NM

The number one time to get engaged is still…


And for two very simple reasons:

First, because both men and women see it as romantic. It’s that “snuggle up by the fire” time of year. You also likely have time off from work to enjoy the moment around Christmas and the New Year.

And second, you’re typically around lots of friends and family. You can pop the question in front of the people who matter most to both of you, or at least immediately share the news in person with family and friends.

The other popular holiday to get engaged (for similar reasons) is the New Year. It's a romantic and happy occasion. It's a time of new beginnings.

And next on that list is, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.

According to Facebook, 30% of proposals take place in November or December around the holidays. The most popular days to get engaged are December 24th, 25th, and 31st, and February 14th.

Facebook information about marriage proposals

Want to do things a little differently? According to the UK based site Chillisauce, 10% of couples get engaged on another significant day that’s more personal, like the day they met.

chart for popular marriage proposal dates

The Best WAY To Propose in Farmington, NM

Let’s start off by saying: There is no “best” way to propose!

The same Chillisauce survey discovered that the majority of women they surveyed (51%) preferred that the man… Just ask!

chart with proposal statistics

Nothing flashy, fancy, or extravagant.

So if you’re stressing out about coordinating a flashmob and capturing the whole thing on video so your proposal can go viral…

Relax. The best way to propose is often a simple “Will you marry me?” at the right moment.

The Best PLACE To Propose in Farmington, NM

Again, this is going to be highly personal. If you have a specific place that’s significant to your relationship, consider proposing there. If you’re proposing on Christmas Eve, then at home with family and friends might be the best place.

But if you’re looking for some fresh ideas

Here in Farmington, NM, we are blessed with incredible natural beauty all around us. Going out for a romantic date day and proposing surrounded by natural beauty is a great choice.

It can be as simple as proposing during a walk at Berg Park.

Or go to lunch in Durango, CO, then propose with incredible views of beautiful forest and mountains as your backdrop.

The Best Way To Propose in Farmington, NM: Wrap Up

If you’re thinking about getting engaged, first of all…


This is a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy every minute of it.

Hopefully this article gave you some good ideas for the best way to propose that’s right for you. And if you haven’t purchased an engagement ring yet, I hope we’ll get to meet you here:

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